Disability prevention

The main disability prevention tasks are:

  • referral to medical rehabilitation,

  • dissemination of knowledge about activities preventing incapacity for work.

The Social Insurance Institution refers for rehabilitation to rehabilitation centres, selected by means of tender bids, persons at risk of long-term work incapacity for the following groups of diseases:

  • within an in-patient system:

    • motor system diseases,

    • cardio-vascular system diseases,

    • psychosomatic diseases,

    • respiratory system diseases,

    • oncological diseases – after treatment of the mammary gland tumour,

    • voice organ disorders (pilot programme);

  • within an out-patient system:

    • motor system diseases,

    • cardio-vascular system diseases, including telemedically monitored diseases.

In 2014 the medical rehabilitation programme was completed by 77,771 persons. Costs of rehabilitation (including the cost of resort payments and a refund of travel costs) equalled PLN 177,932 thousand.
Within the framework of activities designed to promote the prevention of work disabilities ZUS undertook in 2014 the financing of 13 academic conferences as well as commissioned an analysis of the results from a pilot programme into medical rehabilitation for disability benefit prevention for individuals suffering from voice organ complications and illnesses. The expenditure on this was PLN 171,000.

(Note: 1 EUR = ca 4.32 PLN)