General information about old-age and other pensions from FUS

In 2018, the Social Insurance Institution paid out pensions to an average of 7.6 million people every month. The total amount of all types of pensions was PLN 196,681.5 million.

The average amount of retirement and other pensions in 2018

Benefit type Monthly amount of the average benefit in PLN Percent of the average remuneration with the compulsory social insurance contribution (PLN 4,585.03) Percent of the average remuneration reduced by the compulsory social insurance contribution (PLN 4,003.87)
Pensions in total 2,161.65 47.1 54.0
Old-age pension 2,257.66 49.2 56.4
Disability pension 1,762.26 38.4 44.0
Survivorʼs pension 1,976.97 43.1 49.4