Disability pension prevention

Disability pension prevention

As part of the disability pension prevention, the Social Insurance Institution:

  • refers to medical rehabilitation,
  • disseminates knowledge about activities preventing incapacity for work.

The Social Insurance Institution provides medical rehabilitation for insured persons at risk of incapacity for work due to specific diseases. ZUS covers rehabilitation costs in full: costs of treatment, accommodation and meals, and additionally reimburses travel expenses. Eligible persons are referred for rehabilitation in an in-patient system (24-hour stay in a rehabilitation centre) or out-patient system (daily commuting to the rehabilitation, at designated times). In a rehabilitation centre, treatments and activities are individually determined by a doctor, depending on the disease. The Social Insurance Institution enters into contracts with centres that must meet specific legal, staffing, premises and medical requirements. The centres are located throughout Poland, including in health resorts. The centres are selected through a competitive bid announced by ZUS with a fixed maximum price.

Rehabilitation takes place:

  • in an in-patient system for the following diseases:
    • motor system diseases,
    • motor system after accidents (early post-accident rehabilitation),
    • cardiovascular system diseases,
    • psychosomatic diseases,
    • respiratory system diseases,
    • oncological diseases – after the mammary gland cancer treatment,
    • voice organ,
  • in an out-patient system for the following diseases:
    • motor system diseases,
    • cardiovascular system diseases, including telemedically monitored diseases.

In 2021 the medical rehabilitation was completed by 40,972 persons. The Social Insurance Institution covered the costs of rehabilitation in the total amount of PLN 100.8 million.

Legal status as of 2022