The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) – general information

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) was established in 1934 by means of an Ordinance of the President of the Republic of Poland of 24 October 1934 on the amendment of the Act of 28 March 1933 on social insurance. Pursuant to the Ordinance, five insurance institutions were merged (Social Insurance Chamber, Sickness Insurance Institution, Accident Insurance Institution, White-Collar Employees’ Insurance Institution, Blue-Collar Workers’ Insurance Institution).

The Social Insurance Institution is a state organisational unit with legal personality. Its tasks are defined in the Act of 13 October 1998 on the social insurance system. ZUS also fulfils various functions empowered by virtue of other laws.

The reforms of the social insurance and health care systems, implemented from 1 January 1999, and their structural nature, strengthened the position of the Social Insurance Institution as the main element in the administration of the Polish social security system.