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Information for author of text

Information for author of text

Instructions comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Editors kindly asks for the preparation of the article according to the following pattern:

  1. Information about author (forename, surname, academic/professional title or University Degree, workplace with the exact address and telephone number, e-mail address)
  2. In the case of co-authorship it is to specify the percentage contribution of individual authors in the creation of text
  3. Source of research and work on the text funding and information on the possible contribution of scientific-research institutions, associations and other entities (in the text of introduction or in a footnote at the beginning of the text)
  4. Title of the article
  5. Abstract (up to 1500 characters)
  6. Five key words
  7. Introduction
  8. The article should consist of an introduction, separate thematic parts bearing titles, summaries / end / proposals and abstract. Introduction must contain, among others, purpose of the article and description of research methods
  9. Article up to 40 000 characters, in some justified examples, after consultation with the Editors Team, there will be larger articles  published
  10. Footnotes
    • footnotes should be placed on the bottom of the pages
    • continuous numbering should be used within the article
    • source footnotes should be also placed on the bottom of the page
    • bibliography in the footnotes should be identical with the list of sources
    • quoting work for the first time there should be given entire bibliographic description, at the end there is number of page, on which quoted text is placed
    • quoting work for the second time and for the next time in the following footnote, but not dividing any other quoted work, there should be written: ibidem, page
    • quoting work for the second time and for the next time in the following footnote, so after division of another quoted work, there should be written according with the following pattern:  Author, Title (first word), op. cit., page
    • quoting in the same footnote and in the following various works of this same author, it is possible to replace surname with words: ideam, eadem
    • literature placed in source footnotes should be placed in the list of sources at the of the article (accordingly with point 13)
  1. Figures and tables
    • Tables and figures should be placed close to place, where referring to them
    • Graphic elements (tables, graphs, figures) should be also attached in a separate file – for modification during text edition
  2. Formulas
    • Formulas should be made in the equation editor
  3. List of sources
    • Literature should be arranged alphabetically, without numbering. If the list contains several items of the same author ordering basis is a year of issuing, then (when there is more than one item in the same year) in alphabetical order of titles. Collective works should be placed in accordance with the alphabetical order, taking as its starting point the first letter of a title
    • Book publications – there should be given author’s surname, initial of the forename, work title and year of issue: Andersen T.J., Innovative financial instruments for natural disaster risk management, Washingtion D.C., December 2002
    • Collective works (edited by) – there should be given title of work, surname of author, initial of forename, place and year of issuing: Social insurances in the process of changes, ed. Frieske K. W., Przychodaj E., Warsaw 2014
    • Articles in the collective works – there should be given author’s surname, initial forename, title of work, surname of editor, initial forename, place and year of issuing, e.g. Żukowski M., Cash social benefits for invalids in Great Britain, in: Social security for disabled persons in Poland and other countries, ed. Golinowska S., Warsaw 2001
    • Articles in the magazines – there should be given author’s surname, initial forename, title of article, title of a magazine (enclosed in quotes, year of issuance, number eg.: Wiktorow A., Problems of pensions valorization in Poland, “Social Insurance. Theory and Practice”, 2012 No. 3 (96)
    • Legal principles – there should be given full title of legal Act and source
    • Websites – internet sources should be descripted in way that it is easy to find indicated by author site. It is necessary to five date of entry on the website eg.: ZUS: ZUS – Instytucja, (12.05.2015)