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Disability prevention

Disability prevention

As part of the disability prevention ZUS:

  • refers to medical rehabilitation,
  • disseminates knowledge about activities preventing incapacity for work.

For medical rehabilitation the Social Insurance Institution refers to rehabilitation centres selected by means of tender. Medical rehabilitation is available for persons at risk of long-term work incapacity for the following groups of diseases:

  • within an inpatient system:
    • motor system diseases,
    • cardio-vascular system diseases,
    • psychosomatic diseases,
    • respiratory system diseases,
    • oncological diseases – after treatment of the mammary gland tumour,
    • vocal organ diseases,
    • central nervous system - a pilot program of therapeutic rehabilitation from July 1, 2019 to April 30, 2021;
  • within an outpatient system:
    • motor system diseases,
    • cardio-vascular system diseases (including telemedically monitored rehabilitation).

In 2019 the medical rehabilitation programme was completed by 86,392 persons. Costs of rehabilitation (including the cost of resort payments and a refund of travel costs) equalled PLN 204.2 thousand.

As a part of disability prevention promotion activities ZUS has co-financed 13 scientific projects. It has also ordered the publication of articles disseminating knowledge about the rehabilitation programme within the framework of disability prevention addressed to people with cardiovascular, respiratory, psychosomatic diseases and people after treatment of breast cancer. In addition, it commissioned the development of a medical rehabilitation programme for people with damage to the central nervous system.

Expenses for these purposes in 2019 amounted to PLN 199.5 thousand.