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Accident prevention

Accident prevention

Within the framework of accident prevention, the Social Insurance Institution carried out the following activities:

  • co-financed contribution payers’ activities aimed to maintain earning capacity throughout the period of professional activity, including projects to reduce or eliminate harmful factors in the workplace in order to reduce the number of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • analysed the causes of accidents at work and occupational diseases (in particular fatal, serious and collective accidents) and occupational diseases;
  • carried out scientific and research works aimed to identify or reduce the causes of accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Within the framework of the task concerning the co-financing of contribution payers’ activities, in 2019 ZUS granted subsidies to 1,355 contribution payers in the amount of over PLN 87.6 million.

In addition, ZUS requests studies which contain analyses of accidents at work and occupational diseases and discuss the risks occurring in the working environment. Then, on the basis of conclusions from these studies ZUS:

  • sets out the directions for preventive activities;
  • prepares materials for the participants of the trainings organised by ZUS;
  • develops information materials.

The Social Insurance Institution disseminates knowledge about threats which contribute to accidents at work and occupational diseases and about methods to counteract them. It uses various forms, such as training, as well as preparation and distribution of brochures, leaflets and posters with information on safety and protection of a human being in the working environment, as well as the purchase of personal protective equipment.

These activities are aimed to:

  • shape the right approach of employees and employers regarding safety in the workplace,
  • promote safe attitudes and behaviour.

In 2019, expenditure on accident prevention tasks totalled PLN 89.6 million.