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The types of benefits provided by ZUS

The types of benefits provided by ZUS

Pursuant to the Act of 13 October 1998 on the social insurance system, the Social Insurance Institution establishes the entitlement to social insurance benefits and pays those benefits. It also pays other benefits entrusted by virtue of separate legislation.

The following benefits are payable in various life situations:
1. In respect of sickness and maternity

  • sickness allowance,
  • maternity allowance,
  • care allowance,
  • compensatory allowance,
  • rehabilitation benefit;

2. In respect of a long-term incapacity for work

  • disability pension,
  • training pension;

3. In respect of old age

  • old-age pension,
  • nursing supplement to old-age pension;

4. In respect of the death of a breadwinner

  • survivors’ pension,
  • supplement to a survivors’ pension for double orphans;

5. In respect of accident at work and occupational disease

  • lump-sum compensation,
  • benefits in respect of sickness, long-term incapacity for work and the death of a breadwinner,
  • dentist services and prophylactic vaccinations,
  • refund of costs incurred in respect of the purchase of orthopaedic equipment,
  • refund of costs of tests required to determine the content of alcohol, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances in the body;

6. Other

  • parental supplementary benefit (Mama 4+),
  • funeral grant,
  • social pension,
  • pre-retirement benefit,
  • supplementary benefit for persons incapable of independent existence (500+ for persons with incapacity for independent existence),
  • medical rehabilitation within the framework of disability prevention,
  • subsidising within ZUS accident prevention of such activities carried out by contribution payers that are aimed to help in maintaining the earning capacity throughout the entire period of professional activity.