Funeral grants

A funeral grant is payable upon the death of the insured person, a pensioner, or their family members as well as persons who on the day of death did not hold the established entitlement to a pension but who meet the requirements for its award and payment. It is aimed to cover funeral expenses.

A funeral grant is also awarded in respect of the death of the insured person after the end of insurance, if the death occurred during the period of acquiring sickness allowance, rehabilitation benefit or maternity allowance.

The funeral grant equals PLN 4,000 and is paid to the person who, or the entity which covered the costs of the funeral.
If the funeral expenses have been incurred by a family member of the deceased, the grant is payable in its full amount regardless of the amount of the incurred costs.

If the funeral costs are covered by a person other than the insured person’s or pensioner’s family member or an entity (for example by a stranger or an employer, a social welfare facility, the municipality, poviat, a legal person, church or religious association), the funeral grant is payable to those persons or entities to the amount of documented costs for the funeral to a maximum of PLN 4,000.

If the funeral expenses are covered by more than one person or more than one entity, the funeral grant is divided among such persons or entities – in proportion to the expenses paid.

308.5 thousand funeral grants were paid in 2014, to a total amount of PLN 1,231.8 million.

(Note: 1 EUR = ca 4.32 PLN)