Training pensions

The training pension is payable to a person meeting the conditions for receiving a disability pension, who has been issued a decision on the advisability of vocational retraining due to an incapacity for work in an earlier practiced occupation.
The training pension is awarded for a period of 6 months, which may be reduced or extended.
At a starost’s (district governor’s) request this period may be extended, for the time required for retraining, by a further 30 months.

The period is reduced when a starost informs the pension body of:

  • the lack of a possibility to retrain a given person for a new occupation,

  • the fact that a given person does not want to undergo retraining.

The training pension is payable at the rate of 75% of the pension calculation basis or 100% of this basis if the incapacity for work was caused by an accident at work or an occupational disease. The pension may not be lower than the minimum pension for a person who is partly incapable of work.

The pension is not paid if the pensioner receives any remuneration or income, irrespective of its level.

In 2016 training pensions were paid to a monthly average of 72 persons, and the average monthly amount of the pension was PLN 2,783.96.

(Note: 1 EUR = ca 4.26 PLN)