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Replacement of a disability pension with an old-age pension

Replacement of a disability pension with an old-age pension

The disability pension of persons who have reached the normal retirement age is replaced by ZUS, ex officio, with the old-age pension.

An ex officio pension is granted regardless of the insurance period. ZUS shall not grant an ex officio pension to a person who:

  • has been granted a disability pension due to an accident at work or an occupational disease,
  • applies for a pension on reaching the normal retirement age.

The amount of this pension shall not be lower than the amount of the previously received disability pension. If the period of insurance is 20 years (woman) or 25 years (man), ZUS shall increase the old-age pension granted ex officio to the minimum old-age pension amount. The minimum old-age pension is PLN 1,250.88 (in 2021).

The ex officio pension is paid out by ZUS from the day on which a person reaches the normal retirement age. ZUS will also pay out such a pension if it has previously suspended payment of the disability pension, e.g. with granting the right to the ex officio pension, the right to the disability pension ceases.