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Ubezpieczenia Społeczne. Teoria i praktyka

Ubezpieczenia Społeczne. Teoria i praktyka

ISSN 1731-0725


Dear reader,

here we present you with the publication entitled "Ubezpieczenia Społeczne. Teoria i praktyka". The journal is issued quarterly and provides a forum for the exchange of views amongst experts on the implementation of the statutory task of the Polish Social Insurance Institution, that is its popularizing of knowledge about social insurance, as well as developing, organizing and disseminating academic knowledge derived from current, yet in-depth academic and expert analysis on changes within the insurance system, on the labor market and in the economy itself (including a forecasting of the future).

The magazine was intended primarily for the employees of academia, practitioners, the teaching staff of universities and students, social activists, employees of public administration, local government, social and employment offices, but it is equally directed  towards those who want to broaden their knowledge in these fields and who are familiar with social insurance, social security and social policy issues.

Hence, the Polish Social Insurance Institution wishes to become a partner and initiator of the discussion on social insurance. It also wants to provide access to data for academia  in order for scholars  to interpret it.

At the same time we hope that "Ubezpieczenia Społeczne. Teoria i praktyka" will become a significant addition to the knowledge, research and commentaries contained in other important  journals devoted to social insurance law, social policy, economics and the labor market.

The journal can be found in the following academic databases: 1) The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and the Humanities (CEJSH) , 2) BazEkon, 3) POL-index.

We cordially invite you to read our quarterly as well as to submit your own articles or  papers to texts and works already published.

The Editorial Staff of "Ubezpieczenia Społeczne. Teoria i praktyka"