Procedure for reviewing articles

  1. Two independent reviewers are appointed to evaluate each article, and reviews are prepared within the so-called double blind review mode, in which the author and reviewers do not know each other's identities.
  2. The reviewers evaluate matters on the review sheet (docx file 21kb).
  3. The editors give the reviewers an electronic version of the article without the author's data (i.e., name, surname, address, institutional affiliation). The completed reviewing sheet should be returned to the editorial office within 2 weeks from the receipt of the article request for an opinion.
  4. The editors provide authors with reviews without the personal data of the reviewers as well as information about:
  • acceptance of the article for publication in the submitted version,
  • acceptance of the article for publication under the condition that the changes indicated in the reviews are implemented,
  • non-acceptance of the article for printing.
  1. The author should implement the corrections as indicated by the reviewers and the editorial team within two weeks of receipt of the review, unless another date has been agreed on.